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Raw (Tick)20.1015.0030.00
Minute (OHLCV)15.009.0022.50
Hour (OHLCV)10.204.5015.00
Day (OHLCV)5.102.407.50

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Sample Data Sets

All data sets are available as a tab-delimited, compressed csv file. A secure download link will be generated via Google Cloud Storage and e-mailed after purchase.

Raw trades from OKCoin - Bitcoin / Chinese Yuan (OK:BTC/CNY)

Minute OHLCV for Bitfinex - Bitcoin / US Dollar (BITF:BTC/USD)

Hourly OHLCV for Poloniex - Ethereum / Bitcoin (PLNX:ETH/BTC)

Daily OHLCV for Weekly OKCoin Futures - Bitcoin / US Dollar Weekly (OKFT:BTC/USD1W)

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