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How Coinigy's services helped us improve our trading algorithm with the use of data mining

I am a young entrepreneur and developer. I have been programming since I was 14 years old. I have been developing different projects on my own, from video games, to biomedical devices to help disabled people such as the “Eyeboard” - A project that was considered “one of the 9 breakthroughs that made the world better” by Buzzfeed and made me gain an award by the Youth Service America and named me as “one of the 25 most influential young people in the world” because of this technology. My life revolves around Science, mathematics and technology, and my passion has led me to develop new technologies that solves different problems in society to try and make the world a better place. INTELSATH is a company I created a few years ago aimed specifically for that goal.

Coming from an impoverished country (Honduras) and as a full-time college student with a need-based scholarship in the US, struggling financially to finish my degree, my constant desire to keep creating technological breakthroughs to make our world a better place has unfortunately been put on hold due to lack of financing. As someone who is used to solving problems, however, I knew I needed to do something to solve this particular problem. And I was going to use the tools I know best and that can solve almost any problem in the universe, science and mathematics. Therefore, after partnering up with some friends, I have spent the last year working on an investing algorithm using all the knowledge I have acquired over the past years and constantly learning new concepts in Engineering, Statistics, Econometrics, and machine learning.

Back in 2014 I heard about this innovative decentralized currency that was so far speculative in nature, Bitcoin. Even as a newcomer in trading, I knew that speculation wasn't the only way someone could make money when buying a security such as Bitcoin. Even though there is not an exact science in the investing world, the goal was to create a solid trading strategy that had a statistical advantage that could win regardless of market conditions with a high probability of making profits thanks to the laws of mathematics. To do this, it was necessary to study the behavior of the market for several months using data mining. Since Bitcoin has certain advantages compared to other securities found in the Stock market, Forex, or the commodities' market, I started working with Bitcoin and began recollecting historical data from several exchanges by using the exchanges' APIs, downloading free data and buying data from Coinigy. Working non-stop for several months and after writing thousands of lines of code in C++, Python, PHP, Javascript, Matlab, learning the fundamentals of the market, learning technical analysis, and working on different statistical and machine learning approaches such as, linear regression, multivariate regression, neural networks, etc. I was able to come up with a winning strategy that could potentially beat the market by over 90% of the time.

Coinigy's great technical support and discount for students made it possible for me to obtain enough historical data that is currently being used to test the algorithms and improve them. Without it, it would have been hard to obtain a big sample size to test the out of sample performance of the algorithm and obtain a reliable statistical analysis. Currently, the algorithm is still being tested and it's still being significantly improved. Besides the fact that this project has become a really powerful tool that combines different scientific approaches and just by itself is a great accomplishment. The significance of this project goes beyond that for me. The fact that I am so devoted to create different technological breakthroughs for the advancement of our society during my lifetime, makes this project so fascinating to me. It makes me so eager to just keep working, keep learning and hopefully one day I will be able to finance my own tech projects that could change someone's life and possibly contribute to make this world a better place.

- Luis Cruz


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